The Products     



Tube-Fab Ltd. and TFL Technologies, Inc. manufacture Tubular, Machined and Welded Assemblies and parts for the aerospace, medical, and high-performance engine industries. With over five decades of experience, our companies have mastered the technical requirements for metal surface treatments.


Tube Bending

With a focus on high-quality, timely delivery, and competitive pricing, our companies are easily the one-stop tubular assembly vendor that specializes in the fabrication of large and small assemblies that require a variety of processes and forming. We have the ability to bend, form and fabricate assemblies from 1/16” up to and including 6” diameter using all types of standard and exotic metals.

Tube-Fab is one of the few tubular assembly vendors in North America that specializes in 1x radius diameter (very tight 1-to-1 bends).


Machined Components

We have the manufacturing capabilities to produce end fittings, elbows, motor housings, reducers, flanges, nuts & ferrules, tee couplers, welded neck flanges, connectors and shafts of all sizes and complexities.

With our Coordinate Measuring Machine (CMM), we are able to program and accurately measure tolerances to 0.0001”. And, our quality control facilities have dimensional, pressure testing and non-destructive testing capabilities.
As a primary supplier of quality components for Canada’s contribution to the Space Vehicle Program for over ten years, many of our parts are on the Space Station and Canadarm Remote Manipulator.



We are NADCAP approved for welding and brazing. Standard welding processes are MIG and TIG. However, we also can offer Orbital Welding and Closed Loop Induction Brazing.


Chemical Processes

We are NADCAP approved for Alodine, Passivation, Vapor Degreasing, Conversion Coating, Alkaline Cleaning, and Salt Spray Testing.


Paint Capabilities

Our companies have the capability to apply Paint and Epoxy Prime to Tubular Assemblies. And, our in-house 12’ x 14’ enclosed booth paint facility is equipped with gravity feed high-volume and low-pressure paint equipment.


Standard and Exotic Metals

We are comfortable working with standard metals such as Aluminum, Stainless and Titanium, as well as exotic metals like Inconel, Hasteloy, and more.