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RestorerTM Salon Air Cleaner and Plus5 products are sold in the Beauty and Barber market segment.

Many different hair and nail processes cause the release of gaseous pollutants like Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) into the air. Exposure to toxic gas causes short-term and long-term health risks. The RestorerTM Salon Air Cleaner removes these toxins.

The Plus5 AromaMist shower turns daily showers into an invigorating aromatic spa experience. It features an aromatic vitamin C cartridge that naturally removes harmful chlorine from water, giving you:

In addition to a vitamin C cartridge, the AromaMist features tiny holes in the watering plate for the added benefit of saving 30% on your water bill. And, unique ceramic beads help soften the water – so you’ll conserve soap too!

The AromaMist is a unique beauty product that is a revenue builder with consumables for salons.

OSHA has issued warnings to the salon workers concerning the health concerns surrounding chemicals in the salon industry.


There are over 934,000 salons in the United States producing over 40 billion dollars of revenue annually. Chemical, gases and odors are not only harmful to the health of the employees and clients; they are harmful to a salons business as well.


Harmful chemicals, gases, and odors are produced daily by treatments in hair and nail salons. This is evidenced by the recent OSHA warnings concerning chemicals in the salons. Salon inspections have become more stringent and health inspectors are demanding solutions to poor indoor air in order for salon owners to pass inspections.

The Restorer Salon Air Cleaner is the answer to toxic air in salons. A customized filter solution allows the Restorer to target more than 350 pollutants, including odors and gases from toxic chemicals commonly found in salons: