The Products     



The Restorer Super Cleaner Tool Kit and Hospitality Product line provides the Hotel and Resort Industry with significant labor savings, increased functionally and performance enhancement compared to current equipment used in the industry. The products will vastly improve the cleaning outcomes of the Hotel’s guest rooms. With a program of initial deep cleaning the guest rooms will approach an “ALLERY FREE STATUS”. Hotels and resorts can effectively maintain a portfolio of Ultra Clean Rooms.

The addition of the Restorer Air Cleaner will allow the hotels and resorts to offer Allergy Friendly rooms to their guest. The combination of ultra clean rooms and allergy friendly air quality will allow the properties to merchandise this benefit to incoming guests as an upgrade. The option of an Allergy Friendly room provides improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. This leads to returning guests. The result is restored rooms with cleaner, fresher, healthier air for easier resale. 


Summary Results 

On March 7th, 2011, a 300-room Holiday Inn (Strongsville) Housekeeping Department & Marketing Department conducted an examination of the CCT Industries’ new Hotel Cleaning System as it applies to housekeeping operations within their hotel. The product consisted of the Restorer™ Super Cleaner advanced commercial vacuum cleaner and the CCT designed cleaning tool cart (the cart is fully adaptable to the Holiday Inn’s current housekeeping carts). The savings as declared by the housekeeping department manager was $16,700 per year by switching to the CCT Restorer™ Super Cleaner equipment.



The Super Cleaner product was tested against the existing vacuum cleaners used within the hotel. The test assessed how well the Super Cleaner fulfilled the Hotel’s “cleaning requirements” for a typical guest room. Each aspect of the cleaning protocol was examined to determine functionality, effectiveness, ease of use and possible operational cost savings.


The resultant observations can be summarized as follows: