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The Restorer Super Cleaner Tool Kit is built for the professional cleaner. It offers the best performance, longest reach and most durability among commercial cleaners. The tool kit cart is specially designed to hold your Super Cleaner; this mobile cleaning tool kit also stores a variety of cleaning tools and supplies. With everything needed on board for commercial cleaning, the Super Cleaner Tool Kit makes cleaning go faster and easier. That’s why we call it the Swiss knife of cleaning professionals.   

There are 734,000 independent cleaning professional establishments in the U.S.A. and thousands of businesses that do their own cleaning. Together, they represent more than $70 billion of the $83.5 billion commercial cleaning industry.

We establish commercial cleaning supply centers within the framework of existing independent vacuum retailers and other retail and wholesale industrial supply outlets. We help the retailer provide “one stop” supply centers for the professional commercial cleaners in the United States and Canada.  

When a Commercial Cleaning Supply Center opens, it serves as a new re-energizing revenue stream for the independent vacuum retailer and independent wholesale cleaning supply outlets. We create a commercial customer base with excellent repeat-business by providing professional cleaning products that deliver superior performance with outstanding efficiency.

The Commercial Cleaning Supply Centers are a one-stop shop for commercial cleaners. The comprehensive product line includes: