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The AdvantaJet (for humans) and Zoe Pet Jet (for companion animals and the veterinarian market) represent the Activa family of advanced needle-free injection systems. These injectors are an incredible breakthrough for humans and animals with diabetes that currently receive insulin by syringe injection.

These revolutionary injection systems DO NOT USE NEEDLES! Instead, insulin is released through a tiny 0.006 inch opening in the tip of the injector. This stream enters the skin, disperses throughout the subcutaneous tissue, and is quickly absorbed.

The AdvantaJet and Zoe Pet Jet are clinically proven to be more accurate. Studies have shown that jet injection increases insulin absorption over needle and syringe methods.

The AdvantaJet is in its 25th year of production. It is a durable life long device with clients still using the jet injector after 20 years of use.

Cost Savings
These insulin injectors eliminate the need to buy needles and syringes, and do not incur the cost of disposing of syringes. Users may also save money on insulin as their dosage may decrease due to the increased absorption.

Skin Trauma
The injector’s accuracy and small penetration point allows users to give multiple injections at the same location without causing skin trauma. This is an added benefit over insulin injections using a needle and syringe, where the skin can become hardened and scarred over time.

Everyone knows what it feels like to be stuck with a needle. These injectors give users a pain-free injection after the correct comfort setting is determined.

The injectors are environmentally friendly as they reduce the number of needles and syringes that must be disposed of. The injectors are completely reusable and do not require disposable tips or cartridges that must be replaced regularly.

Proven Effective

Our injection technology was tested and determined to be an effective method of managing diabetes in both humans and companion animals.